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Dehumidification of rooms after water damage

Rapid and continuous eradication of water damage is the most important requirement for preventing any consequential damage. Any soaked carpeted floors, wall papers, walls or ceilings must be quickly and effectively dired, otherwise the varied forms of destruction of plaster and brickwork can occur.

Mould remediation

Mould in buildings is one of the most common environmental problems inside rooms. It is caused by the increased moisture content in building materials or on their surface after damage caused by water and quickly become a nuisance and problem, for example, on account of inadequate thermal standards.

We can offer professional, state-of-the-art remediation that guarantees a preservation of the basic structure of the building and fast re-use of the residential or business rooms.

Many of our employees have been trained by an independent technical standards organization on the topic of indoor mould and will be pleased to be of assistance.

Our professional mould remediation program includes Hepa filter air cleaners, the corresponding appropriate anti-mould preparations, special mould suction apparatus with Hepa filter and fogging devices.

The fogging method is suitable to effectively and economically combat indoor mould.

The Lucke fogger distributes the active components, that are free from harmful substances, so finely in the air that the suspended mist not only neutralises odour particles in the air and porous materials, it also kills allergens and spores.

Lucke hot air blowers - for when it's really cold

Mobile, easy to use and void of any emitted combustion gases. By placing it in a central location, a single family home or a block of dwellings can be heated optimally, as can large halls or marquees. Lucke heating system - for when you want to save time, money and hassle!